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Simon Birch Prints

BillyCheung_FrèresEtSœurs_2022 copy.jpg

Billy Cheung

Corn Shuk Mei Ho_Marooned, 2021, Beeswax and oil on panel, 24x30cm.jpg

Corn Shuk Mei Ho

Dami Kim_The Artists at Work, 2022, Oil on canvas, 96x83cm.jpg

Dami Kim

Lewis Lau_Wonderland II, 2013, Oil on canvas, 54c96cm.jpeg

Lewis Lau

Lio Sze Mei_The Night Ocean (Detal), 2022, Ink on brass plate, 14x30cm.jpg

Lio Sze Mei

Sammi Mak_The Moon has set and the Pleiades, 2021,Oil, oil bar and charcoal on canvas, 90x

Sammi Mak

Jeff Tung_Approaching Shadows, 2021, Digital photograph on archival print, 35x27cm, Ed of

Jeff Tung

Peter Chan_Spicy Trade_2021_Oil on linen_31x41cm_Image courtesy of the artist and Gallery

Peter Chan


Ghost Mountain Field 鬼山田

JUM, The Nature Within - Jungle, 2021, Print on canvas, 120x85cm, Ed. of 10.png


MoMo Kim, You are a very loving person and, Digital painting on canvas, 59.4 x 84.1cm, ed

Momo Kim

Jonathan Jay Lee_ Duxton Road,2016_Archival pigment print on acid free cotton rag paper_70

Jonathan Jay Lee

Camie Lyons, Magnified Winged Thing, Ink and charcoal on paper, 130cm x 170cm, 2018.jpg

Camie Lyons


Scott Sueme

Kanny Yeung_Tread Lightly, 2022, Oil on canvas, 25x20cm.jpg

Kanny Yeung

Peter Yuill, The Eternal Bronzed Goddess, Ink and metallic paint on 300gsm cotton rag pape

Peter Yuill

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