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Lili Lee is a Korean artist born in Daegu, South Korea. She received her BFA in East Asian Art at Dankook University in 2019, and has since exhibited in Korea, France, and Toronto. She currently resides in South Korea. Some of her notable exhibitions include "REA ART" in Italy (2022) where she won the Tencitt Art Prize; "Sha-vana", RIVER ART GALLERY in Taiwan (2022); and "Gasong Art by Dong wha", Insa Art Center (Korea) where she also won first prize. 

Lee's recent works explore practice of Shamanism within the greater cultural context of Korea. Lee's fascination with Shamanism lies in its ritualistic and healing nature, her abstract works deconstruct the progression of a ritual into painted choreography, expressing movement through vivid colours and rhythmic forms. In the process of creation, Lee takes on the role of a Shaman herself, imbuing in her works a sense of spiritual healing that she hopes will reach her viewers.

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