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Jeff Tung is a contemporary photographer who is also a Hong Kong Registered Architect and a Fellow Member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects. Tung finds his passion in architectural and interior design, and in his leisure time, pictorial photography. His main interests are architectural photography, landscape photography and street photography.   

“I choose photography to convey my point of view. My photos are focused on the different perspectives of the ordinary things in everyday life that often get overlooked.” His architectural training has influenced his photos, which are distinctive in his use of unique perspective, pictorial perception, and artistic composition to capture and present the mood, atmosphere, and story of the moment."

Jeff Tung_Out there...right here, 2021, Digital photography on archival print, 35x22cm, Ed

Jeff Tung, Out there...right here, 2021, Digital photography on archival print, 35 x 22cm, Ed of 10

Beyond Objectivity.jpeg

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Tung graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1985 and has been working in the building industry for more than 35 years, in which more than 15 years in Private Development sector. He has extensive experience in the planning, architectural design and project management of mixed-use, commercial and hotel projects in Hong Kong, PRC and South-east Asia.

Tung is the Head of Special Projects (Project Management) of New World Development Co Ltd, and he focuses on the project management of NWD’s special projects, with an extended role to involve in the cultural preservation and heritage propagation of the Group particularly in the architectural scope. Jeff is also a Director for Culture for Tomorrow (CFT), a non-profit organization of NWD founded in 2017 by cultural entrepreneur Adrian Cheng, to empower Hong Kong’s rising change-makers and their creativity.


Jeff Tung, Beyond Objectivity, 2022, Digital photography on archival print

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