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JUM, The Nature Within - Earth, 2020, Archival print on paper, 60x43.13cm, Ed. of 20.png

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Hong Kong-based Brazilian artist JUM graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong) in 2015 with a B.F.A. in illustration and photography. JUM works with multimedia and digital mediums to create colourful psychedelic visuals that resonate between real life and imagination. Her subject matters range from portraits, fantastical gardens, surrealist landscapes, abstract shape, to line drawings. JUM has worked in digital illustrations, painted murals, 2D animations and most recently, weaving.

JUM’s works are near lingual and highly autobiographical, each piece tells the story of a personal dream or journey of self-expression. In her own words:

“ The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ always made a lot of sense to me - maybe because I always had an imagination that I sometimes found hard to understand, so the act of creating something was the best way I found to express myself”.

JUM, The Nature Within- Earth, 2020, Archival print on paper, 60 x 43.13 cm, Edition of 20

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JUM’s choice of fantastical and surrealistic subject matters speak to her desire to create art that is universal and relatable. For her, the fluidity and flexibility of her subjects is the most important aspect of art-making, leaving just enough room for for audience’s imagination and projection. This fluidity extends to her artistic career, as she continues to experiment with different mediums and techniques, her practice will also grow and evolve alongside.

JUM has collaborated with multiple international brands on commercial projects including Cathay Pacific, Ritz Carlton, and Vans.

JUM, The Nature Within - Garden, 2020, Print on canvas, 120x85cm, Ed. of 10.png

JUM, The Nature Within- Garden, 2020, Print on canvas, 120 x 85 cm, Edition of 10

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