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(b. 1985) Based in Hong Kong, Taiwanese-American born Jonathan Jay Lee graduated with Departmental Honors in Illustration from Parsons School of Design. He is an award-winning illustrator whose clients have included Marvel Comics, Mercedes, San Miguel, Lamborghini, Lee Kum Kee, MINI, Disney Plus, Ho Lee Fook, Asics Tiger, Japan Tourism Board, HSBC and NatGeo. He has been a speaker at Apple, Creative Mornings, Congreso Tad, School of Creative Media, and is named World’s Best 200 Illustrators in Lürzer’s Archive. A former Professor, Jonathan has also has designed and taught more than 20 different courses in Illustration and Sequential Art.

JJL_Casa Nova- City Pop Collection, 2021.png

Jonathan Jay Lee, Casa Nova- City Pop Collection, 2021

JJL_Inner Circle- City Pop Collection, 2021, Film mounted on Lightbox, 60.5x74.5x3cm, Ed o

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Select Clients
Marvel Comics, Gold Label Records/EMI, Pryde Group, Kronenbourg 1664, Hong Kong Jockey Club, WeSC, Taiko Sake, Heavy Metal Magazine, Harvey Nichols, Red Bull, Superga, Infiniti/TBWA, San Miguel Light, Laundromatte, Ho Lee Fook, Smart Car, HSBC, Lamborghini, Lee Kum Kee, Allianz, Urban Decay, Yardbird, Philip Morris, Chi Residence, Mercedes, Honestbee, Apple, Izy Bar and Restaurant, Asics Tiger, Milu Restaurant, Disney Plus, Japan Tourism Board, MINI, Shu Uemura, Sub-Zero Wolf, NatGeo

Jonathan Jay Lee, Inner Circle- City Pop Collection, 2021

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