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Vincent Ruffin (b. 1972 in Cambrai, France) is a painter living and working in La Rochelle. A seasoned painter, Ruffin's works depict pictoral landscapes in ghostly dream states that oscillate between the surreal and reality. Vincent Ruffin treats the painting as a sculpture that he “carves”; focusing on its texture and tactility. He has held solo exhibitions in Paris and partook in several group exhibitions in Turkey and Brussels. Ruffin was an artist in residence in Cuba, Philippines, New York and Italy. His work has been collected but The Museum of Fine Arts in La Rochelle, France, and Lubeck, Germany. 

Heavily inspired by philosophy and literature, Ruffin’s practice is a mean of understanding human relations through painting. While his work often appears outlandish and nonsensical, they remain allegorical in nature and are reflective of his observations of the human condition. Inspired by writers such as Voltaire and Shakespeare, Ruffin deploys magical realism as a mean to metabolise the observable world around us. The pictorial plane constructed by Ruffin provides a metaphorical platform for social critique and philosophical ponderings, prompting viewers to acknowledge and observe the uncanniness of everyday reality while exploring the wonders of human existence.

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