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November 12 - December 3, 2022

Ann Wong · Corn Shuk Mei Ho · Ghost Mountain Field · Lewis Lau · Jeff Tung · Jonathan Jay Lee · JUM · Peter Chan · Peter Yuill · Sammi Mak

Hong Kong — Odds and Ends is pleased to present our first edition of Roll Call, a recurring group exhibition that showcases artwork by current gallery artists and introduces newly joined artists of Odds and Ends. This edition of Roll Call will showcase artwork by artists Ann Wong, Corn Shuk Mei Ho, Ghost Mountain Field, Jeff Tung, Jonathan Jay Lee, JUM, Lewis Lau, Peter Chan, Peter Yuill, and Sammi Mak. Roll Call: 1st Edition will open on the 12th of November, 2022 and run till 3rd December, 2022. In addition, Roll Call also celebrates the launch of Odds and Ends Art Store, the gallery’s e-shop, where limited edition prints, art merchandise and selective original artwork will be available for purchase. To mark the occasion, a promotional coupon of 11% off all purchases and offer of free shipping for orders over HKD 1000 is available for users from now until 30th November, 2022.

Ann Wong
A seasoned ceramicist and educator, Ann Wong is a Hong Kong based artist whose practice revolves around creating fantastical ceramics that explore notions of materiality, form, and colour theory. With a longstanding relationship with the medium, Wong states that her current practice is less concerned with creating formally and technically perfect work, and more preoccupied with exercising creative agency through the highly malleable medium. Wong's current works take a highly playful and child-like form, her signature human-dog hybrid character was inspired by her beloved dog whose likeness can be found in many of her ceramic works.


Corn Shuk Mei Ho
London based Hong Kong artist Corn Shuk Mei Ho's most recent series “Night Swims Series” (2017-2022) is a project that continues her journey into the dark waters of the human psyche. The characters depicted in the paintings reflect a state of feelings including isolation, solitude, uncertainty and fear. The reflections dancing off of the dark waters surface are a symbolic description of these hidden emotions. They mirror the feelings of the characters as if they were like nocturnal animals that are only comfortable to feed and hunt in the dark.


Ghost Mountain Field
The unique style of Hong Kong artist Ghost Mountain Field is defined by his audacious use of colours and incorporation of mixed media elements. Inspired by his upbringing in colonial Hong Kong, Ghost Mountain Field’s multifaceted practice explores concepts of cultural identity through Cantonese pop culture and social traditions, delving into how they influence cultural taste within the context of contemporary Asia. Working with an array of mediums including oil, pencil and digital media, the artist’s works are often a marriage of Eastern and Western practice.

Jeff Tung
Jeff Tung is a contemporary photographer who is also a Hong Kong Registered Architect and a Fellow Member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects. Tung finds his passion in architectural and interior design, and in his leisure time, pictorial photography. His architectural training has influenced his photos, which are distinctive in his use of unique perspective, pictorial perception, and artistic composition to capture and present the mood, atmosphere, and story of the moment.

Jonathan Jay Lee
Based in Hong Kong, Taiwanese-American born Jonathan Jay Lee graduated with Departmental Honors in Illustration from Parsons School of Design. He is an award-winning illustrator whose clients have included Marvel Comics, Mercedes, San Miguel, Lamborghini, Lee Kum Kee, MINI, Disney Plus, Ho Lee Fook, Asics Tiger, Japan Tourism Board, HSBC and NatGeo. He has been a speaker at Apple, Creative Mornings, Congreso Tad, School of Creative Media, and is named World’s Best 200 Illustrators in Lürzer’s Archive. A former Professor, Jonathan has also has designed and taught more than 20 different courses in Illustration and Sequential Art.

Hong Kong-based Brazilian artist JUM graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong) in 2015 with a B.F.A. in illustration and photography. JUM works with multimedia and digital mediums to create colourful psychedelic visuals that resonate between real life and imagination. Her subject matters range from portraits, fantastical gardens, surrealist landscapes, abstract shape, to line drawings, her works are near lingual and highly autobiographical, each piece tells the story of a personal dream or journey of self-expression. JUM has worked in digital illustrations, painted murals, 2D animations and most recently, weaving.

Lewis Lau
Lewis Lau is a contemporary painter born in Hong Kong, currently living and working in London. Lau graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2010 with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, and obtained a Masters of Fine Art degree 2012. Lau’s interest in the obscurity of loneliness began in his student years, when his major bodies of work examine the insecurity of contemporary living. His continued interest in the subject matter has recently taken various forms and perspectives, focusing on its interaction with lived experiences, life events and emotional reactions.

Peter Chan
Toronto based Hong Kong artist Peter Chan explores critical themes of East Asia inspired by his visit to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Through the autobiography documentation of imagery around him, he distorts and recomposes imagery to form compositions that allow for new narratives and meaning. Chan's latest works delve deeper in the dissection of social practices as informed by urban and traditional Hong Kong and Chinese culture. The artist strives to establish an autobiographical connection with viewers through intricate technical execution and familiar visual narratives, such as scenes from iconic Hong Kong films.

Peter Yuill
Hong Kong based Canadian artist Peter Yuill works with deeply complex geometric abstraction, which represents his exploration of the philosophical and existential desire to understand the meaning of existence through mathematical and geometric purity. His work is a combination of highly technical and complex ink drawing and painting on paper. Yuill's obsession with doing all the work by hand and being deeply involved in every aspect of making the art speak to the deeply meditative and spiritual connection he has with the process of making each piece.

Sammi Mak
Wing Sum Sammi Mak, born and raised in Hong Kong and currently based in London, is a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at the University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts. Mak’s works manifest how painterliness stands in the position of language depicting her experience in reality and connection with the universe. The system of poetry opens up my exploration of lexicology with fragments of words to visualisation within the blank space in memories and language. Her work is rooted in connection with the radical beauty of nature, creating the path to connect with history and human emotions, as an immersive way to communicate more than in chronological time-space.

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