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2024 (A04)

Hong Kong – Odds and Ends is pleased to present a group presentation of four female contemporary artists at Art Central 2024 (Booth A04). On view will be new works by Polish artist Ewelina Skowrońska, Korean artist Lili Lee, Korean-American artist Marianne Dami Kim, and Hong Kong artist Sammi Mak.


This presentation brings together four female artists whose artistic practice investigate the nature of myth as a cultural touchstone. Though varying in mediums and forms, all four artists derive inspiration from female spirituality and usage of mythologies in a contemporary re-imagination of womanhood. Referencing ancient literature and cultural myths, these artists engage in revisionist mythmaking that inhibit singular interpretation of the female experience often perpetuated by traditional narratives of mythology. Their revisitations to myths are attempts to imbue a sense of fluidity and humanity to understandings of female spirituality that have been made static by tradition.

Hong Kong artist Sammi Mak will present a collection of abstract paintings that explore Sappho’s poetic invocations of myth. Hong Kong- based Korean artist Marianne Dami Kim will present a series of abstract oil paintings inspired by ancient Greek mythologies, with a particular focus on feminist criticism surrounding mythic interpretations of womanhood. Korean artist Lili Lee will present a series of mixed media abstract work on paper that explore shamanism within the sociocultural context of Korea. This series explores the healing power of shamanism and its intrinsic connection to female spirituality. Lastly, Polish artist Ewelina Skowrońska will present a series of works on paper that reimagine the female form as contextualised in poetry and mythologies, delving into the affinity between female desire and nature.

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