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August 4 - 7, 2022

Andreas Von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail)  /  Ann Wong
Brandon Ho  /  Camie Lyons  /  Corn Ho  /  Ghost Mountain Field 

Jeff Tung  /  JUM  /  Nasim G Pachi  /  Sammi Mak  /  Virginia Lo


Hong Kong — Odds and Ends is pleased to present a group exhibition at booth C01 at this year's Affordable Art Fair. On view will be new works by eleven emerging contemporary artists, including Andreas Von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail), Ann Wong, Brandon Ho, Camie Lyons, Corn Ho, Ghost Mountain Field, Jeff Tung, JUM, Nasim G Pachi, Sammi Mak and Virginia Lo. With a mixture of seasoned exhibitors and art fair first-timers, each artist brings with him or her a unique approach to contemporary artistry that makes up a kaleidoscopic group presentation at our booth at this year's fair.

Andreas Von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail)

Born  and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Andreas von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail) works with a collection of fine-liner ink pens, Andreas aims to capture the ambience of the sites he depicts and the personality of the people he portrays. His love for black and white imagery over the years have pushed him to constantly evolve his realistic drawing style, focusing even more on contrasts, textures and overall composition. If he’s not working from his home he can most likely be found somewhere outside in nature, sketchbook and pens ready-at-hand.

After graduating from BASIS School of Art in Stockholm in 2011, he went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong and the U.S. (Savannah and Atlanta, GA). Today, Andreas spends his time working as an artist and freelance illustrator in Hong Kong under the pseudonym “The Ink Trail”, creating images for both private and commercial clients such as FC Barcelona, Hang Seng Bank, Tanner De Witt, Klasse14 and more. 

Ann Wong

A seasoned ceramicist and educator, Ann Wong is a Hong Kong based artist whose practice revolves around creating fantastical ceramics that explore notions of materiality, form, and colour theory. Wong splits her studio time between experimenting with colour through watercolour drawings, and creating organically elegant ceramics and stoneware art. With a longstanding relationship with the medium, Wong states that her current practice is less concerned with creating formally and technically perfect work, and more preoccupied with exercising creative agency through the highly malleable medium. Wong's current works take a highly playful and child-like form, her signature human-dog hybrid character was inspired by her beloved dog whose likeness can be found in many of her ceramic works. 

Ann Wong graduated from RMIT University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Artss (Fine Art Ceramics) and is currently working and living in Hong Kong.