Virginia Lo, We are Happy, 2021, Oil on linen, 60 x 50 cm


August 4 - 7, 2022

Andreas Von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail)  /  Ann Wong
Brandon Ho  /  Camie Lyons  /  Corn Ho  /  Ghost Mountain Field 

Jeff Tung  /  JUM  /  Nasim G Pachi  /  Sammi Mak  /  Virginia Lo


Hong Kong — Odds and Ends is pleased to present a group exhibition at booth C01 at this year's Affordable Art Fair. On view will be new works by eleven emerging contemporary artists, including Andreas Von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail), Ann Wong, Brandon Ho, Camie Lyons, Corn Ho, Ghost Mountain Field, Jeff Tung, JUM, Nasim G Pachi, Sammi Mak and Virginia Lo. With a mixture of seasoned exhibitors and art fair first-timers, each artist brings with him or her a unique approach to contemporary artistry that makes up a kaleidoscopic group presentation at our booth at this year's fair.

Virginia Lo_We Are Happy, 2021, Oil on linen, 60 x 50 cm.jpg

Andreas Von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail)

Born  and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Andreas von Buddenbrock (The Ink Trail) works with a collection of fine-liner ink pens, Andreas aims to capture the ambience of the sites he depicts and the personality of the people he portrays. His love for black and white imagery over the years have pushed him to constantly evolve his realistic drawing style, focusing even more on contrasts, textures and overall composition. If he’s not working from his home he can most likely be found somewhere outside in nature, sketchbook and pens ready-at-hand.

After graduating from BASIS School of Art in Stockholm in 2011, he went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong and the U.S. (Savannah and Atlanta, GA). Today, Andreas spends his time working as an artist and freelance illustrator in Hong Kong under the pseudonym “The Ink Trail”, creating images for both private and commercial clients such as FC Barcelona, Hang Seng Bank, Tanner De Witt, Klasse14 and more. 

Ann Wong

A seasoned ceramicist and educator, Ann Wong is a Hong Kong based artist whose practice revolves around creating fantastical ceramics that explore notions of materiality, form, and colour theory. Wong splits her studio time between experimenting with colour through watercolour drawings, and creating organically elegant ceramics and stoneware art. With a longstanding relationship with the medium, Wong states that her current practice is less concerned with creating formally and technically perfect work, and more preoccupied with exercising creative agency through the highly malleable medium. Wong's current works take a highly playful and child-like form, her signature human-dog hybrid character was inspired by her beloved dog whose likeness can be found in many of her ceramic works. 

Ann Wong graduated from RMIT University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Artss (Fine Art Ceramics) and is currently working and living in Hong Kong.

Brandon Ho

Dudemakesart aka Brandon Ho, is a self-taught abstract artist based in Hong Kong whose works have a vibrant and free colour palette. His markings are used to convey the spectrum of human emotions and beyond. His paintings and digital works are snapshots of the non-physical world around us. Since 2019, the artist has had a few small exhibitions, notable was his recent NFT works at the 2021 Digital Art Fair in Hong Kong.

The artist is also a musician/rapper/singer known as Ghost Style, part of the hip hop group 24Herbs and indie band “Site Access”. He’s released albums, commercial projects, worked with many major Canto-pop artist and played shows across Asia. His voice has been heard by millions on Youtube and widely loved on the cult racer “Initial D” movie.


Camie Lyons, Wayward Thinking, Bronze, 66cm x 80cm x 30cm, 2019.jpg

Camie Lyons, Wayward Thinking, 2019, Bronze, 66cm x 80cm x 30cm

Camie Lyons

Camie Lyons' work tries to find a balance and beauty in the perpetual cycle of memory, perception and daily life. They are sensitive and enduring, a form of organic linear abstraction that strikes a chord. Lyons' background in dance equips her with a keen sense of timing, rhythm and line. A dancer's sense of balance and movement is captured and translated into linear sculpture. "The sculptures can be shifted around a room, placed at different angles, lit to create drama, this makes them quite versatile and surprising." Says Lyons.

Her oeuvre is about flex and tension, like limbs of a tree, parts are growing away from their core, resembling a pure change in Lyon's sense of direction with her work. Like muscle memory losing its gravitas, clinging to what once was, the works are self-evolving, rising out of lily pads and other perches that resemble organic, pure objects found in nature.

Corn Shuk Mei Ho

London based Hong Kong artist Corn Shuk Mei Ho's most recent series “Night Swims Series” (2017-2022) is a project that continues her journey into the dark waters of the human psyche. The characters depicted in the paintings reflect a state of feelings including isolation, solitude, uncertainty and fear. The reflections dancing off of the dark waters surface are a symbolic description of these hidden emotions. They mirror the feelings of the characters as if they were like nocturnal animals that are only comfortable to feed and hunt in the dark.  

Ghost Mountain Field, Gotta Catch 'em All, 2022, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 cm.j

Ghost Mountain Field, Gotta Catch'em All, 2022, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120cm

Ghost Mountain Field 

Hong Kong based artist Ghost Mountain Field will be showcasing a new work at this year's fair. The artist’s unique style is defined by his audacious use of colours and incorporation of mixed media elements. Inspired by his upbringing in colonial Hong Kong, Ghost Mountain Field’s multifaceted practice explores concepts of cultural identity through Cantonese pop culture and social traditions, delving into how they influence cultural taste within the context of contemporary Asia. Working with an array of mediums including oil, pencil and digital media, the artist’s works are often a marriage of Eastern and Western practice. Gotta Catch'em All, 2022 pays nostalgic homage to the heyday of Cantonese design and advertisement, adopting art styles and typographies commonly found in marketing materials from that time. 

Jeff Tung

Jeff Tung is a contemporary photographer who is also a Hong Kong Registered Architect and a Fellow Member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects. Tung finds his passion in architectural and interior design, and in his leisure time, pictorial photography. His main interests are architectural photography, landscape photography and street photography.   

“I choose photography to convey my point of view. My photos are focused on the different perspectives of the ordinary things in everyday life that often get overlooked.” His architectural training has influenced his photos, which are distinctive in his use of unique perspective, pictorial perception, and artistic composition to capture and present the mood, atmosphere, and story of the moment.



Hong Kong-based Brazilian artist JUM graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong) in 2015 with a B.F.A. in illustration and photography. JUM works with multimedia and digital mediums to create colourful psychedelic visuals that resonate between real life and imagination. Her subject matters range from portraits, fantastical gardens, surrealist landscapes, abstract shape, to line drawings. JUM has worked in digital illustrations, painted murals, 2D animations and most recently, weaving.

JUM’s works are near lingual and highly autobiographical, each piece tells the story of a personal dream or journey of self-expression. In her own words: “ The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ always made a lot of sense to me - maybe because I always had an imagination that I sometimes found hard to understand, so the act of creating something was the best way I found to express myself”.

Nasim G Pachi

Nasim G. Pachi spent the first two decades of her life growing up in Iran — a country she feels passionate yet conflicted about and still calls her home. Her education, marriage and career have since moved her around Europe, West Africa and Southeast Asia.

Life on several different continents revealed her that people and their actions are as complicated beyond Iran’s borders as inside of them. The social, cultural and political paradoxes she encounters are her creative fuel. Fascinated by people and the choices they make, Nasim is constantly assessing her own identity and trying to understand how her upbringing and travels continue to mold it. She challenges her audience to comprehend the contrasts she presents in her aesthetically rich portraits. Nasim paints with acrylic and oil. Exploring freedom and identity confronting culture and religion she places her subjects against bold patterns and tries to strip identifying elements from her works — she doesn’t want you to judge them based on faces and places.

Nasim received her Masters of Arts in Illustration form HAW Hamburg, Germany. She currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Virginia Lo

​Virginia Lo is a contemporary artist  born and based in Hong Kong. Lo's practice explores her emotional reaction to place, reflecting on the streets and sites that she witnesses on a daily basis. This place, Hong Kong, which she has called home for her entire life, has become strong yet familiar at once. Having began her artistic training in traditional Chinese painting with masters such as Mr. Leung Ba Yue, Lo’s current practice is heavily informed by Chinese aesthetic theories. Her recent body of work explores concepts of place memory through the lens of cultural and social preservation.

Lo received her Master of Fine Art degree and Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree, co-presented by RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School, in 2005 and 2002 respectively. In 2001, Lo received the membership of Golden Key International Honor Society. She is currently a part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Art School.


Sammi Mak

Wing Sum Sammi Mak, born and raised in Hong Kong and currently based in London, is a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University. Currently pursuing her master’s degree at the University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts. 

My works manifest how painterliness stands in the position of language depicting my experience in reality and connection with the universe. The system of poetry opens up my exploration of lexicology with fragments of words to visualization within the blank space in memories and language. My works are rooted in with connection of the radical beauty of nature, creating the path to connect with history and human emotions, as an immersive way to communicate more than in chronological time-space.

I create spaces with a sense of openness through the fluidity and tenderness of paint, with bold action from my body to brushes. Blank and open spaces in my painting invite the audience to engage actively, which allows partenum of the visual fragments. It draws me into the float stage through creating, as an abstraction of emotions and experiences, allowing the stimulation of senses to occur, allowing the power of imagination.