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Kanny Yeung: Woo

22 September - 29 October, 2022

Hong Kong based artist Kanny Yeung started studying data visualisation during her time at Parsons the New School for Design in New York. It was there that she cultivated an interest in mapping layers of quantitative and qualitative information into informative yet emotive stories.

Through painting, Kanny channels her energetic experiences both in the natural world and from introspection. She started painting detailed oil landscapes and skyscapes, first showing her work in Australia in 2019, and in Hong Kong in 2021. Since, she dove into experimental techniques, often with cathartic repetition, on a journey to express the infinite spectrum of emotions. Find her admiring the vivid sun set, meditating in rockscapes, obsessing over a colour and abstracting shapes of water. Regularly rotating the canvas as she works, each painting presents alternate perspectives like a mirror reflecting back epiphanies, once in a blue moon even transformed into poetry.

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