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7 July - 21 July 2024

Organised by: Wonderwall Gallery 

Wich Chau

Hong Kong – Odds and Ends is pleased to present WHITENESS 雪漫, a debut solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist Wich Chau, organised by Wonderwall Gallery. Chau has partaken in multiple design and installation art projects over the past decade, he began exploring oil painting and amassed a sizeable body of work since 2020. In 2023, he created new works inspired by the snowy landscapes of Japan during a six-month stay in the country. Upon his return, Chau decided to hold his first solo art exhibition titled “WHITENESS” with Wonderwall Gallery. Through his delicate use of blue ball point pen on paper, Chau's work dances between reality and illusion, prompting contemplation about the universe and life.

Graduated from the Hong Kong School of Design at Caritas Bianchi College of Careers in 2010, Chau has been involved in design projects and various installation art pieces over the past decade, with a focus on exploring urban spaces. He participated in events like deTour HK, Oil Street Art Space in 2015, PMQ Summer 2019, and the Sai Kung Sea Art Festival 2023. His work, “Wave of Growth,” was featured in the book “Uneven Growth” published by MoMA. After spending six months in Japan, immersing himself in snowboarding and inspired by the snow mountains, Wich Chau returns to Hong Kong to collaborate with Wonderwall Gallery for his debut solo exhibition, “WHITENESS.” He uses ballpoint pens to create thought-provoking scenarios that bridge reality and imagination.


​香港 – Odds and Ends 榮幸介紹 「WHITENESS 雪漫」,由 Wonderwall Gallery主辦, 香港藝術家周穎聰在香港的首個個人展覽。過去⼗年間著⼿於設計業務及各種裝置藝術,2020年開始接觸油畫,⾄今創作過百幅作品。2023年到⽇本深造滑雪半年,受到深⼭雪地啟發,回港後決定舉辦⾸個個⼈畫展,由 Wonderwall Gallery主辦,「雪漫」為題,以原⼦筆為媒界,千絲萬縷的思緒中,利⽤原⼦筆與紙張不斷磨擦的聲⾳中獲得平靜,同時建構出既現實⼜虛幻的情境,引發對宇宙及⽣命的思考。


香港藝術家,2010年畢業於明愛⽩英奇專業學校,室內設計學系。過去⼗年間著⼿於設計業務及各種裝置藝術,主⼒探索城市空間的可能性。期間曾參與過四年的deTour HK,油街實現 2015,PMQ Summer 2019及⻄貢海藝術節2023。其中作品 Wave of Growth納入MoMA出版的書籍《Uneven Growth》。2020年開始接觸油畫,⾄今創作過百幅作品。2023年到⽇本深造滑雪半年,受到深⼭雪地啟發,回港後⾸次舉辦個⼈畫展「雪漫」,以原⼦筆為媒界,建構出既現實⼜虛幻的情境,引發對宇宙及⽣命的思考。

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