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Exhibition part I :  1 - 27 August, 2023
Opening : 1 August, 2023  |  4 - 7 pm

Exhibition part II :  1 -  24 September, 2023
Opening : 1 September, 2023  |  4 - 7 pm

* Opening hours: 11 am - 7 pm (Closed on Mondays)

Curated by Amber Au 急急子, Commercial Radio Hong Kong FM 903 叱咤903 

For the months of August and September, Commercial Radio Hong Kong FM 903 will take over our gallery space and host a two-part exhibition titled THIS THIS. Curated by Amber Au, radio DJ and host of visual arts radio program Zine, the exhibition showcases artwork by 22 local artists and creatives, their mediums span painting, ceramic, installation, photography, art toy and more. THIS THIS is a non-selling exhibition and is free for public viewing. 

THIS THIS is a culmination of 5 years of artists interviews conducted by Au for her radio program Zine and ongoing arts and culture program. Exploring the relationship between art-making and the city of Hong Kong, the exhibition dives into the artists’ dissection of the role the city plays in their creative practice. The diverse range of mediums presented in this exhibition reflects the kaleidoscopic community of artists working in Hong Kong, through the exhibition, curators wish to entice viewers to experience the city through their eyes. 
Exhibition part I: 這微光 The Glowing Light
Dates: 1 – 27 August, 2023 

Participating artists: Chino Ng, Rosanna Li, Lai Ching Ching & Ting Sze Lok (Yuk Kee), Terence Choi, Siu Yu Hang (St. James' Creation), Maoshan Connie, Giraffe Leung, Louis Wong, Scott Chan, Toby Crispy 
Exhibition part II: 這長途 The Journey
Dates: 1 – 24 September, 2023 
Participating artists: Li Chi Tak, Tao Hoi Chuen, Sara Tse, Alfred Cheng, Birdy Chu, b.wing, Paul Yeung, Pen So, Sun & Poppy (Don’t Cry In The Morning), William Tong

叱咤 903 將在 8 月和 9 月舉行實體藝術文化展覽「叱咤 903 THIS THIS 展」,邀請 20 個本地藝術單位,合共22位本地藝術家,在PMQ元創方—Odds and Ends Gallery 舉行兩輪的展覽,涵蓋不同的藝術媒介:繪畫、陶瓷、裝置、攝影,甚至 art toy,費用全免,亦不設藝術品買賣,讓大眾可以欣賞本地藝術家如何在香港創作香港。

今次聯展源自叱咤903急急子的節目《集雜志》和「903 格」在過去的五年時間,走訪本地不同的藝術展覽,並持續向本地藝術家發問同一條問題:「哪件作品跟香港有關係?」每位藝術家都有自己觀看這兒的方法,有嚴肅的,有活潑的,有憂心的,也有充滿希望的。在「THIS THIS 展」中,展示他們的作品,讓我們嘗試以不同角度去看這刻這地。 

第一部份展覽 : 這微光 


參與藝術家:吳國璋李慧嫻青青 & 詩樂@玉記蔡耀東蕭宇恆@藝想貓珊Giraffe LeungLouis WongScott ChanToby Crispy 


第二部份展覽 : 這長途 


參與藝術家:利志達杜海銓謝淑婷Alfred ChengBirdy Chub.wingPaul YeungPen SoSun & Poppy@Don’t Cry In The MorningWilliam Tong 

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