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Scott Sueme is a Canadian artist raised in Vancouver, BC, on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. He has exhibited throughout Canada, as well as internationally, including New York, San Francisco, Miami and Cape Town. 

Sueme’s paintings are rooted in an exploration of materiality – principally, the quality and perception of colour. In his work, colour manifests as an abstraction of various elements of life, interacting to recall memories, capture the passage of time or connect with the subconscious. Sueme’s hard-edge painting techniques create a subtlety of depth that reveals a new resonance to colour and an admission of the human hand. This “imperfect” process of making calls to a nostalgia or authenticity – an honouring of the handmade. Through an intimacy of material interaction, Sueme’s works act as small records of larger lived experiences and a conversational catalogue of human imprints. 

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