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Wing Sum Sammi Mak, born and raised in Hong Kong and currently based in London, is a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University. Currently pursuing her master’s degree at the University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts.

Mak's works manifest how painterliness stands in the position of language depicting her experience in reality and connection with the universe. The system of poetry opens up her exploration of lexicology with fragments of words to visualisation within the blank space in memories and language. Mak's works are rooted in with connection of the radical beauty of nature, creating the path to connect with history and human emotions, as an immersive way to communicate more than in chronological time-space. Mak create spaces with a sense of openness through the fluidity and tenderness of paint, with bold action from my body to brushes. Blank and open spaces in her painting invite the audience to engage actively, which allows partenum of the visual fragments. It draws her into the float stage through creating, as an abstraction of emotions and experiences, allowing the stimulation of senses to occur, allowing the power of imagination.

Sammi Mak_The Snow Falls Without Hesitation, 2021, Oil, charcoal, pastels on canvas, 110x1
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